Beaver Builder Pro 2.2.3


Beaver Builder Plugin Pro it’s a drag and drops frontend WordPress page builder plugin that works with almost any theme!
 Updated on: Jul 25, 2019 @ 2:31 am 


Changelog v2.2.3

v2.2.3 – 05/08/2019

  • New option for post grid, featured image fallback image.
  • Added ability to disable ALL schema via fl_builder_disable_schema filter.
  • Added support for Pantheon cache.
  • Crash message now uses white label product name.
  • New filter fl_builder_crash_white_label_text to change info text.
  • Added url field connection to pricing table button.
  • New filter fl_builder_photo_attributes added to Photo module.

Bug Fixes

  • Show warning popup if Max Input Vars is exceeded during save action.
  • Fixed the missing bottom border at certain screen sizes for post carousel.
  • Fixed layout CSS for layouts other than the one being actively edited not rendering in the builder.
  • Fixed global settings not refreshing for nodes after saving.
  • Fixed importer issue.
  • Removed HTML added by a chrome extension in template dat files.
  • Fix icon issues with Frontend Dashboard version 1.3.4+
  • Fixed date dropdown being hidden when adding media.
  • Fixed no follow not being used in icon group module.
  • Fixed duplicate posts when paginating random order with scroll or load more pagination.
  • Fixed TinyMCE colors not overriding style tab colors in the Text Editor module.
  • Fixed strong tags not showing as bold when a weight is set in the Text Editor module.
  • Fixed gallery lightbox pagination issue when an image caption contain links.
  • Make sure global column is clickable when restrict editing is enabled.
  • Added width to photo container so it works with shrink header in Themer.
  • Fixed saved columns categories not showing in the builder panel.
  • Fixed flashing behaviour when using insert layout shortcode
  • Fixed WP-Rocket lazyload issue on Themer layouts
  • Fixed issue on multisite if the old fa4 set was enabled on main site you could not use any other sets.