Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.7.9

$100.00 $5.00

Advanced Custom Fields Pro unlock ACF v5 plus the repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field.
 Updated on: Jan 3, 2019 


Changelog v5.7.9

* Fix – Added custom metabox location (acf_after_title) compatibility with Gutenberg.
* Fix – Added dynamic metabox check compatibility with Gutenberg.
* Fix – Fixed bug causing required date picker fields to prevent form submit.
* Fix – Fixed bug preventing multi-input values from saving correctly within media modals.
* Fix – Fixed bug where `acf_form()` redirects to an incorrect URL for sub-sites.
* Fix – Fixed bug where breaking out of a sub `have_rows()` loop could produce undesired results.
* Dev – Added filter ‘acf/connect_attachment_to_post’ to prevent connecting attachments to posts.
* Dev – Added JS filter ‘google_map_autocomplete_args’ to customize Google Maps autocomplete settings.

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