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Easily build theme layouts for your archives, posts, 404 pages and more with Beaver Themer.
 Updated on: Feb 1, 2021 @ 6:24 pm 


Changelog v1.2.1.1

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue with taxonomy locations not showing up on layout edit page.
  • Fixed issue with site wide locations being ignored, introduced in version 1.2.1.


  • Added role as an optional arg for site:logged_in. Role can be a single role or comma separated list of roles.
  • New filter fl_theme_builder_page_archive_get_title.
  • Added support for ACF radio field type when using shortcode to test for specific values.
  • Added ACF Relational user and post object support.
  • Added Author Archives option in the preview dropdown.
  • Added support for more BB theme hooks.
    • fl_post_top_meta_open
    • fl_post_top_meta_close
    • fl_post_bottom_meta_open
    • fl_post_bottom_meta_close
    • fl_comments_open
    • fl_comments_close

Bug Fixes

  • Removed storefront pagination above and below the posts module.
  • Fixed product images width issue in Astra and GeneratePress themes.
  • Fixed Woocommerce Single Product hook displaying on Shop page with Themer layout active.
  • Converted hard coded font awesome 4 icons in events calendar to Font Awesome 5.
  • Fixed issue where Themer resets exclusions to all pages if page(s) in exclusions are deleted.
  • Fixed themer layout active warning showing on all pages in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with Storefront theme CSS.
  • Fixed a WPML issue with multiple parts in same layout becoming not editable.
  • If using a custom HTML layout do not run before/after hooks for woocommerce/edd and events.

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